Filler Post (Life and Other Junk)As you
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Point A, I am still alive.  I'm sure that there were rumors that I was attacked by wild beasts or blasted into oblivion by some random rich person, but it just isn't so.  Wish on, my lovelies - it's just a dream.

As you can tell, I am bored beyond belief.  And this isn't just your typical, rip-your-eyes-out-of-your-skull boredom.  It's SO much deeper than that.  It's more a burn-my-internal-organs-by-swallowing-acid boredom.  Music plays, but I mainly want the noise.  This isn't my sociopath music, lovely as that is -- it's good, old-timey ABBA.  Wow.  This is memorable, eh?

You're probably asking why I don't write something more productive.  Oh, take a drill to my fingernails.  I feel awful about writing lately.  This isn't a lack of inspiration.  I have ideas.  I also have motivation.  But it all seems so forced and ugly.  How awful is it, you ask?  If I were in ICL right now, they would fail me for this kind of work.  When God sent locusts to the pharaoh, He sent me the lack of ABILITY.  Oh, I hate BEING when I'm in this state.

How do I solve it?  Well, I vent to you, though this is the WORST thing to blog about.  I burn my brain cells to a crisp by spending all my time texting, playing BookWorm and Solitaire - and of course watching Lost!  See, Lost is a really intriguing concept, and there happens to be this Iraqi man on the island... but to spare you, let's not go there. 

This is repulsive.  It's like...

Like being stuck in purgatory with the Keebler elves and the Disney gang, minus all the cool animated characters and adult references.  Nothing to eat but tofu; nothing to drink but cough medicine and unsweetened powdery drinks.  And the only game you have to play, regrettably, is that LeapFrog math thing.  Yeah.  It's THAT bad.

So, changing the topic before I get sucked into a vortex of anguish...

What's new?  Nothing, really.  Finished my course.  Wooh.  So, yeah.

Filler Post (Life and Other Junk)
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me


Writer's Block: Countdown
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me
If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

My technology with writing on it, the things people made me, my photo albums. 


My writing is of utmost value...

Sentimental gifts are worth keeping forever...

Photos are memories that you can see.

Survey A
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me

What is your name? 
Corkey?  Oh, you know.  That name.
 Any nicknames?
Mira; Cuddlemuffin; Fluf buddy
How old are you?
How old do you act?
I like to think that the number is larger than 15, but I can have immature moments.  Or eras.
Where do you live?
Hair color?
Brown with a bit of red in it.
Eye color?
See the above.
Do you wear glasses or contacts?
Nah.  But I'm fond of people that do.

I drink either, but Pepsi dominates.
Umm, water.  Because water is what sustains life and alcohol is what often smothers it.
Morning person/Night person?
Spring...  I prefer beginnings to ends.
Dinner.  I actually don't like eating in the morning.
Eggs and bacon/Pancakes?
Bacon.  No eggs.
Juice.  Milk isn't exactly my favorite drink.
Fries/Tator tots?
Onion rings.  Oh, fine.  Fries.
Love apple (I remember, Sae.)
I DETEST most cities.  Country...
Happy/Down in the dumps?
Ideally happy, but in reality, I'm about 40/60.

Made out with a friend?
Umm, no.  I'm not prone to affection with anyone, especially THAT sort.
Snuck out of the house?
Snuck out of Bree's.
Been in trouble with the law?
Huh.  I'm a productive citizen, not a setback.
Been cheated on?
I never cared to know.  Curious thing, bitterness.
Cheated on someone?
I'm too dedicated to one person to do anything like it.
Told a secret?
Certainly.  Not often.
Kept a secret from a friend?
Quite often.  I have a few that are rather serious...
Been on a plane?
Alone, first class, to Phoenix.  Yeahhh, baby. XD
Been out of state? If so, where?
Half of the US or more, plus brief Mexico.
Been out of the country? If so, where?
Bungee jumped?
Been drunk?
No.  I never intend to be.
Crashed on someone else's couch?
Puhh, Ashley's.  Bree's.
Slept in the bed of a truck?
Slept outdoors?
Oh yeah.  Mmm.
Hooked up in the woods?
NonononoNO.  But the idiot tried.  UGH.
Done drugs? 
Snorted anything? If so, what?
What now?
Skinny dipped? 
 Been in a wreck?
Small mishap.
Had surgery?
Ugh.  Yep.  Two in one, actually.
Broken any bones?
Trapezoid in my thumb.  OUCH.
Been in a food fight?
Yes.  Cake, birthday food, gumdrops.  I've thrown other things.
Had a one night stand?
Huh.  Never in my life will I.

Not alcohol.
Have any tattoos?
Is that even legal?
Have any peircings?
Is that even legal?
Not legally.
Like to drive fast?
Have any kids?
Not that I know of...
Go to school?
Still schooling.
Laugh at things that aren't funny?
Yeah.  I do. :)
Sleep with stuffed animals?
A stuffed lemur.
Believe in God?
With all my soul.  He believes in me too. :)
Have neat hand writing?
Sometimes it's readable...
Have any dead animals on the wall?
Spider in a frame.

Who was your first boyfriend? 
Let's not get technical...
Who hugged you last?
Velma or my mom, today.
Who did you kiss last?
Who was the last person to buy you something?
Probably Vicky and Paul.
What did you drink last?
Hot chocolate.
How did you do the first time you drove a car?
It was terrifying.
Who made you laugh last?
Robin.  She's fun enough.
What was the last thing you ate?
Peanut butter.
Who was the last person to call you?
Dear ol' Grandma.
Last thing you said?
I might go walking with her sometime.
First best friend
Rhia Cooper in first grade.

Who is your best friend?
Sae Jones.
What friend do you trust the most?
Ashley or Sae.
Who makes you laugh the most?
Who is loudest?
Huh, Sae.  She nearly gets us kicked out of buildings.
Who is shyest?
Do I have many shy friends?  Maybe Seba.
Would you rather have one best friend or a group of close ones?
One best friend.

Writer's Block: Welcome to the mobile decade
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me
The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

The decade of mishaps.

Dae & Raph
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me

Playing with FAAD.  It's a freewrite.  So forgive the overall ICK.  -A.M.C.R.

Daemyn leaned against Alecial's balcony rail, exhausted, and sunk to the ground.  Even in his splendor he was nearly dead; his eyes were darkened with the misery that came with reality and finality, and his face was more ashen than ever before, filled with anguish.  "I cannot do this, Ramesh.  I can hardly survive!"

I sat level to him, aware that he was Alecial's and Tristan's only reprieve.  "But you must.  Do you realize what you have promised, Daemyn?  You have taken vows; the afterlife of two misled men rest on you alone!  Your act has been nearly flawless-"

"Nearly?"  His voice dropped to the dangerous level I had hardly heard.  "I made no mistakes, Ramesh.  I have done everything as you said; I have constructed the grand masquerade, the perfect lie that brings them to believe that I am dead so that fate can take its course.  I do not have room for idiocy in this life or yours; my time is precious, and I use it well.  Remember that!  Do not insult me!  If you weren't dead-"

I held up a hand to silence him.  "Yes, you would attempt to end my life in an instant, I know.  I expected it.  If I were you, I would be bitter with good reason."

He smiled for a moment.  It wasn't genuine.  "Ramesh, if you were me for even a moment - if you acted as I do for even a moment - I would be in the other world, where I'm supposed to be, at this moment.  I would be alive..."

He fell truly silent for the first time and let the dust in his hand fall as sand through an hourglass.  His eyes grew empty as he watched the grains drift away in the wind, replaced by ashes.  "So this is it... this is what we live for."

"Oh, hardly.  We live to enjoy the fullness of life, its rich quality, and then we come here to appreciate all we had and to find what was lost.  Death is the companion of life; without it, we could not appreciate the short, precious thing that is a lifetime; without it, life is meaningless.  This is a cycle, Daemyn.  Everyone must die.  There is something beyond.  The hope was not beyond death and life, as our friends imagined, but within the magnificent process.  It is in accepting all things and persevering until all things are at peace.  You shall die for this peace; you must live to bring it forward.  Can you do this?"

"I can." 

Together we rose and crossed the corridors until we found ourselves in the room of glass.  "Then let us go.  All things must be revealed."

The glass shattered in a moment as the new era began and we plunged downward.

Writer's Block: Kids or child-free?
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me
Whether you've chosen to have children or live child-free, how and when did you (or will you) reach this decision? If you're in a relationship, did you (or will you) decide separately or together?

Well, if you really want to know... When the other person and myself decide, whenever/whoever that may be.  I'm not sure.  I doubt my parenting abilities in general.

Together.  But it's my uterus, and therefore final authority rests with ME.

OK, let's not talk about children. 

McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me
Bored, so I'm writing.  Doesn't necessarily reflect me in any way.  Words are just words unless you do something with them.  Here be it.  My side notes will be in bold.

Remnants of glory brought to dust,
Ashes drowned in acid rain,
A travesty of broke trust,
Optimism murdered by disdain.

Really loving it.  It's like a slice of depression that I'm actually not experiencing on a major scale.

Smothered in such false intentions,
Tethered by my ignorance;
This battle is my own invention,
Raging before I catch a glance.

Wow... this is back to the era when me and Seba wrote the thing he wanted to graffiti on the court house.  Cool.

My path shall lead to condemnation,
My scroll tattered with punishments,
For there shall be no compensation,
No assuaging dead laments.

Fail.  I got distracted by Allison.  I haaate it when I do that.  It was coming along rather nicely, too.

Vengeance bursts forth in a flood,
Giving way to my last breath;
I give my sins; I give my blood
Before I sink into my death.

Ehh.  Does one sink into death?  I dunno.  That's a bit sketchy too.  I'm not in power mode now, which is rather sad, really. 

Writer's Block: Surfin’ Safari
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me
Do you bring your laptop on vacation? Is it to do work or homework or just for the joy of surfing/connecting?

I'm afraid that I'll break it, so no.  However, I take my iPod to talk to my family and surf the internet, plus record any new contacts (it always happens).

Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?
McDonalds, Ashley's silly self, BPA, me
Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

Dogs, definitely.  I've had so many dogs throughout the years; I've only had one likeable cat, which acted like a dog.  My parents, incidentally, don't like animals at all, but from my experience I can say that most other people in my neighborhood are dog people.


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